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Books, Inside The Mind Of A Mountie/ By: Scotty Gardiner

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In The Mind of A Mountie by Scotty Gardiner, Retired RCMP Officer.

We have had the pleasure of Scotty and his wife becoming a part of our family here at The Old Attic and his book was a surprise to us as Scotty is such a humble person.

We have gotten to know Scotty over the years from his expertise in antiques and the ability to restore such pieces. We have recommended Scotty to many people to repair or restore their antiques and we always have great feedback on his work and on Scotty himself.

His book reads just as if Scotty would be sitting there talking to you.
Superintendent "Scotty" Gardiner's captivating memoir reveals what truly goes on behind the scenes in the local and international criminal and civil investigations - from solving small town break-ins to busting multi-national drug operations, from foiling historical coin counterfeiting to making a controversial negotioation with serial killer Clifford Olson.

This is a MUST read.
Pop into the shop today to get your copy.

Product Videos

The Pitchfork Murder - RCMP - Scotty Gardiner - In The Mind Of A Mountie (09:25)
The Pitchfork Murder chapter 57 from "In The Mind Of A Mountie" by Supt. T.M. 'Scotty' Gardiner (ret'd) ISBN 978-1-897435-37-3 The author recalls an investigation from his early days at Winnipeg. An exacting investigation unveils the truth, yet there is no prosecution "in the public interest." More at www.InTheMindOfAMountie.ca
  • The Pitchfork ...
    The Pitchfork Murder chapter 57 from "In The Mind Of A Mounti...

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